Karen Tidswell

Karen Tidswell is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Stone, Staffordshire, England
Karen Tidswell


It is our wish to help people to achieve their full potential for happiness and to flourish in their lives. We can do this using a combination of coaching and energy therapy to eliminate pain, fears, troubling emotions and self-limiting beliefs and to build confidence and happiness.

Are you letting your negative thoughts and emotions get in the way of you really enjoying your life? Do you suffer from regular pain, fears or anxieties that affect your quality of life and stop you from flourishing? What if you could make positive changes using a quick, simple, painless technique? Would you? 
Call Flourish Mindspa now to book an initial free consultation to see how we can help you to flourish, enjoy your life and look forward to your future.

Energy Therapy - ("Tapping" using TFT & EFT)
Acupuncture without needles. Release yourself from troubling emotions (fear, anger, guilt), phobias (flying, needles, dentists, presentations etc) & physical pain.
Quick, painless & lasting results.
55 minute session / £50

Psychological Coaching
Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to combat self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviour patterns.
Executive or performance coaching to enable you to reach your full potential. Career coaching to identify your most rewarding career.
55 minute session / From £50

Personality Assessment & Job Interview Preparation
Prepare for job interviews or assessment centres by practising & receiving feedback. Discover your
strengths & blind-spots by receiving personality feedback from a highly qualified psychologist.
55 minute session / From £50

All appointments are with a HCPC registered and BPS Chartered Occupational Psychologist who is an AC Accredited Master Executive Coach, an EFT Master Practitioner, a TFT Algorithm Practitioner and a Qualified Indian Head Massage Therapist.



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